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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Operation Darknet 2

Anonymous hacks pedophile website, leaks admin and user account information. This week hacktivists associated with the international Internet collective known as Anonymous hacked into a child pornography website identified as Kindzazachan.

The successful hack is being billed as a return of Operation Darknet (#OpDarknetV2). Last October, working under Operation Darknet, Anonymous  hacked Lolita City, a darknet website used by pedophiles to trade in child pornography. At that time Anonymous released usernames and related information of more than 1,500 pedophiles trading in kiddie porn.

Anonymous announced the hack of child porn website Kindzazachan on May 11, by issuing a Pastebin release. The following is an excerpt from that release:
As our first official attack for #OpDarknetV2, we bring you something that we are sure you will enjoy. One of our members managed to find an SQL injection vuln on a pedophile onion website that goes by the name of Kindzazachan, he breached the servers, and now we bring you the leak of data from the website. We warned you pedos, we told you we were coming for you.
Anonymous announced the return of Operation Darknet via Pastebin earlier this month. The following is an excerpt fromthat announcement:
We anons were once again wandering through the darknet, and again found the pedophiles have grown stronger since our previous attacks... This is absolutely unacceptable, the disgusting content on over 40 child pornography sites grow larger and we will not sit back and watch, we will make a stand once again with the destruction of freedom hosting, lolita city, and any other website geared towards the trading of content with rape/pedophilia. Tor is not our target, only the sites hosting the child pornography are the targets. We shall return with
bear rugs. Chris Hansen is coming. Expect us.
#OpDarknetV2 engaged.
OpDarknetV2 and the hack on Kindzazachan is associated with a Twitter account identified as @PrOtOn_An0n.
For more news, art and information about Anonymous, check out Anonymous Examiner on Facebook.

Anonymous hacks pedophile website - Operation Darknet returns May 14, 2012

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