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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tibetan nomad dies after self-immolation protest

Tenzin Shirab set himself alight on 27 May in Yushu, eastern Tibet.
He died at the scene and Chinese security forces arrived soon after to confiscate his body.
Tenzin Shirab (31) was a nomad from Adril village where his body has now been returned. Villagers are awaiting the cremation and funeral services.

Nomadic lifestyles under threat

China’s policy to replace traditional agriculture in Tibet with intensive modern practices has pushed many Tibetan nomads into profound poverty. They have been subject to forced resettlement in urban areas, leading to the loss of both livelihood and cultural identity.
Days before his self-immolation Tenzin Shirab is reported to have told his friends that Tibetans could no longer bear to live under China’s constant torture and repression.
Nearly 120 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest against China’s occupation of Tibet.

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Sign our new petition to Chinese President Xi Jinping calling for an end to repression in Tibet.

Tibetan nomad dies after self-immolation protest 29 May 2013

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