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Sunday, February 22, 2015

700, 000 street children living in Khartoum

An estimated 700,000 street children are living in the streets of Khartoum, according to the Sudanese Homeless Child Association.
The spokeswoman for the association Majda Suleiman, told the press in Khartoum on Saturday that most of the homeless children trying to survive in the Sudanese capital, are from Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile State.

She explained that most of the children’s families had fled the insecurity in these regions and sought refuge in Khartoum.

Suleiman criticized the Sudanese authorities for lacking an initiative for the proper welfare of the children, and urged them to establish child protection centers across the city to cater to them.

She also appealed to organizations to provide psychological, social, and material aid to the displaced children who she claimed are used by criminal gangs and harvested for the human organs trade.

Meanwhile the Minister of Social Welfare, Mashair El Dulib admitted that the number of homeless children in Sudan has been growing at a steady pace and announced a new plan to improve their situation.

According to her over 10 million Sudanese children live rough.

700, 000 street children living in Khartoum- official  February 22, 2015

Khartoum Poisoned 100 “Southern Sudanese Street Children” to clear the market of loitering JUNE 30, 2011

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