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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Tibet Now" New documentary about Tibet uprising

Video counters propaganda as China celebrates 50 years of Tibetan ‘autonomy’

Free Tibet
has today launched a new short documentary film about Tibet. Tibet now: Tibet and China in the 21st century has been launched to coincide with the Chinese government’s celebrations surrounding 50 years of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region.

What’s happening in Tibet

The new 10-minute film examines all aspects of China’s occupation, including the legitimacy of China’s claim to Tibet, its repression and abuse of human rights, its destruction of the Tibetan way of life and its exploitation of Tibet’s environment and culture.
Using recent images and video footage obtained at great risk by Tibetans themselves, the film also reports and celebrates the ongoing Tibetan resistance to China’s rule.

No autonomy in Tibet

The Tibet Autonomous Region (or TAR) was founded in 1965, six years after China crushed the Tibetan Uprising against its rule in 1959. The TAR is what China’s government and many international maps now call Tibet, although it only includes the western half of the country.
Despite its name, in the 50 years since the ‘Autonomous Region’ was founded, no Tibetan has held its top political post.

Beijing’s promises, repression and threats

The TAR and in particular, Tibet’s capital Lhasa, have endured particularly harsh repression since the mass uprising in 2008. Inhabitants of the TAR face intense surveillance and security forces take instant action when there are signs of opposition to Beijing’s rule.
The Chinese Communist Party held a top-level meeting on Tibet last month. Accompanying publicity has focused on economic development and what China calls ‘social harmony’ in Tibet. As the film explains, however, economic development has favoured Chinese immigrants and businesses, while ‘harmony’ is maintained through force.
Quoted after the meeting, China’s President Xi Jinping also made clear what China’s priority is for Tibet, promising to "unswervingly" fight against "separatists" - what Beijing calls Tibetans seeking freedom.

Take action

The new film is the only short video currently available online which gives a complete and up-to-date account of Tibet today. Please share the video on social media and by email with your friends and family. Ask them to spare just 10 minutes to watch it and find out why you and so many others support Tibet.

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