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60,000 rapes carried out by UN staff

A WHISTLE blower has claimed UN staff could have carried out 60,000 rapes in the last decade as aid workers indulge in sex abuse unchec...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Silence Breakers #MeToo Update

So this is the newest age of enlightenment. We have finally come to the conclusion that using a position of power to coerce, assault, harass or rape another human being should get you fired. We have finally begun to take these cases seriously. With seemingly everyone but the president of this nation being called out for any reasonable allegations of sexual misconduct under the protection of power, fame or financial status, women are facing a unique opportunity: Speak up with all of your truth and righteous anger, and be believed...

Virginia Petrucci was drugged and raped on November 2014. Although she reported it to the police, the case did not end up going to court. In response to the #MeToo campaigns on social media, she shared her story for the first time publicly this year.
Sadly, her story is one of many. More than half of sexual assaults are not reported to police, based on discrepancies between surveys and police reports. More troublesome is the fact that child sexual abuse is reported at the lowest numbers, hovering barely above 10% of all cases, most likely due to the emotionally-laden implications and the sickening tendency to hide, defend or attempt to “treat” adult sex offenders.
And for those skeptical of these numbers and reports, it should be noted that a study of 812 reports from the years 2000-2003 by M. Hennan and S. Murray from the Department of Human Services, produced results finding false reporting to be at a mere 2.1% rate.
Petrucci knows all too well the process of reporting — and the feeling of futility that many sexual assault victims face not just during, but after their traumatic experiences.
Following the outing of several sexual predators, from Weinstein to Lauer, Petrucci took to social media to finally share her story.
Her #MeToo contribution on Facebook shared the horrific encounter she had on November 8, 2014, with Dr. Randal Haworth. If the name sounds familiar, he has been on the reality TV show, The Swan, in the early 2000s, as well as appearing on multiple interviews with public figures.
Currently, our nation is witnessing Hollywood A-listers drop like flies while some politicians hang on to their titles, and indeed continue to press onward and upward in their ranks, even with evidence wildly stacked against them via the number of accusers, multiple witnesses, and detailed accounts, etc. Why exactly are we so quick as a nation to believe the powerful over the powerless?
Petrucci thinks it may come down to who’s affected by the topic at hand. In other words, convenience. “I think that people are wary of unsubstantiated facts, except of course when the facts, however loosely assembled, point to something globally or nationally harmful,” she states, citing the issue of terrorism as an example of the latter. “Interpersonal crimes of a sexual nature make Americans uncomfortable,” she explains, “because sexuality in any light makes Americans uncomfortable. Positive, healthy sex is considered taboo, so the unimaginable act of nonconsensual sex is even more despised. At best, society finds rape inconvenient. At worst, rape is deemed deserved.” After all, when reports go unheeded and cases quickly grow cold, what message other than that of mere nonchalance are we sending to rape victims?
In Petrucci’s case, two lawyers are currently a source of support as she navigates the residual effects of that night in 2014, but the incident itself is oddly more difficult to discuss with close friends or family, she admitted. “Those closest to me who do know about what happened really have no idea how to talk about it or how to be supportive. I try not to harbor resentment against those who feel awkward or unsure about the right thing to say, but the most isolating aspect of this experience has been seeing how quickly people fall away from you. Trauma really resonates with others as a diseased state.”
Virginia Petrucci’s willingness to speak out, to repeat and relive Dr. Randal Haworth’s violent and calculated assault, is an act of courage.
In any revolution, an upheaval is necessary. At this moment in time, we are seeing a torrent of pain and trauma rise to the surface, and many will call victims’ accounts into question. This is partly because we have established unspoken rules stating that women ought to be silent in these matters — silent and stoic. But emotion is not the opposite of reason; rather, it can and should be the response to injustices that confound our sense of reason. Without a passionate plea for change, we cannot expect any.
As we call out the predators and rapists, one by one, we also call upon the public to support victims and those in positions of power to become part of a long term solution. It is time for respectful consent to be the norm, and for those with power to see that power has its limits. Therein lies the essence of morality.
Sexual assault: Taking down a rapist MEGAN WALLIN DECEMBER 12, 2017

Some have argued that there would be no #MeToo moment if Donald Trump had not been elected, even after being accused of various forms of misconduct, from groping to rape. But in recent weeks several of Trump’s accusers have said that while they’re happy sexual harassment is being discussed more openly, they’re still dismayed that their own stories seem to have had little impact.

A defamation suit filed by Summer Zervos, one of the accusers, has opened up the possibility that the women will get their day in court. Some have continued speaking out, hoping that away from the chaos of the election, people might be more willing to listen to their accounts. In December 2017 several women publicly aired their claims again, and called for a congressional investigation. “Let’s try round two,” said Samantha Holvey. “The environment’s different, let’s try again.”

What Happened to the 19 Women Who Accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct The Cut Margaret Hartmann December 12, 2017

Mindy McGillivray claimed she was left "stunned and scared" and on another occasion Trump flirted with her in front of his wife 

‘HE GRABBED MY CABOOSE’ Donald Trump accused of sex abuse by a FOURTH woman in just two days as she claims US president groped her then claimed she was lying Paul Harper 13th December 2017

Roy Moore, who is running for U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s special election, is facing multiple allegations of child sex abuse. He has largely avoided the campaign trail since these allegations first surfaced.

Bret Stephens: If Roy Moore Wins, GOP Will Be Branded as ‘Grand Old Pedophile Party’ Josh Feldman December 11th, 2017

Rep. Dan Johnson held a press conference at his Heart of Fire Church in south Louisville to deny an accusation that he molested a 17-year-old girl, which was one of several revelations in a story on the Republican state representative from Bullitt County by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.
Following the report, the Republican Party of Kentucky and the Kentucky Democratic Party both called on Johnson to resign, as did the caucuses of both parties in the state House. However, Johnson denied that and other allegations in the article, saying that he will not resign and he will continue his plan to run for re-election next year.
Rep. Dan Johnson denies allegation of molesting 17-year-old, says he will not resign JOE SONKA | December 12, 2017

Police Confirm Sexual Assault Investigation Of Rep. Dan Johnson JACOB RYAN

Keeping most sexual assault and rape crimes from 911, local police, criminal investigations, District Attorneys and courts is how Gov. Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan are protecting thousands of sexual predators, pedophiles, and rapists of the disabled.
Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan are involved in a massive sex scandal and sexual predator protection scheme allowing thousands of women and children to be raped
Rampant sexual abuse and rape permeates the New York State mental health care system as Gov. Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan refuse to take significant actions to stop the sexual predators or protect victims”
Michael Carey – Advocate for people with disabilities and their families

Samuel Armstrong, an aide to South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay, is accused of attacking his victim as she slept after a night drinking.

The woman in her 20s had drunk rum, gin and sambuca with Armstrong in Parliament’s Sports and Social bar before going to look at Big Ben in October 2016.
Southwark Crown Court heard how the 24-year-old then pounced at 2am as the woman dozed in his boss’ office.
He is said to have called her a “b****” after she woke to him kissing her and she turned him down.
He then began taking her clothes off and assaulted her, saying “this is what you want”, jurors were told. 
'RAPE IN PARLIAMENT'Tory aide Samuel Armstrong ‘raped woman in his MP boss’s office before she ran screaming through the corridors of Westminster’ Neal Baker and Gary O'Shea 12th December 2017
A male former French minister and a female town councillor raped two women after offering them foot massages to relieve their stress, a court was told yesterday.
Georges Tron, 60, a former civil service minister who is also mayor of Draveil, a town in the Paris region, is accused of using foot reflexology as a pretext to lure female council employees to a local château, his office and his home, where he is alleged to have assaulted them.
Brigitte Gruel, 60, a former head of culture at Draveil council who practises reflexology, is also accused of rape. Prosecutors say that she participated in the sessions alongside Mr Tron.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali stepped away from his restaurant empire and cooking show "The Chew" as he said that reports of sexual misconduct "match up" to his behavior.
Food news website Eater New York published an article that said four women accused the chef of inappropriate touching. One of the women said that Batali groped her chest after wine spilled on her shirt. Another said he grabbed her from behind and held her tightly against his body. Eater said the four women, three of whom worked for Batali, asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Ex-Disney actress Bella Thorne reveals abuse as child star Dec. 12, 2017

Teen Mom husband in 'child rape' scandal Police confirm. - by 

Roman Polanski is sharing information with LAPD detectives who've opened a new investigation into an allegation he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl back in 1975.
LAPD just announced the investigation into claims made by Marianne Barnard. She recently filed a police report about the alleged assault during a photo shoot. Barnard claims Polanski was directing the shoot, which initially involved her mother, but claims she was eventually left alone with him -- and that's when he allegedly attacked her.

In a six-month investigation, CBS News looked into the way sexual assault cases are handled by the United States Air Force Academy. 

In the second part of our investigation, Teresa Beasley, the academy's former top official on sexual assault prevention and response, reveals troubling information about the way she says cases were handled – and the academy is now responding to our reporting.

Former Air Force Academy official alleges sexual assault cover-ups Dec 12, 2017 CBS NEWS

We women veterans and military women also felt emboldened to share our stories as #MeToo entered the national conversation, but as the movement gains momentum we question why our voices are not included in this movement. Women in the military have been speaking out about sexual harassment and assault for decades, from Tailhook in the early 1990s to Marines United earlier this year. And for decades the American public has ignored our voices, allowing the military brass to pay lip service to eradicating the problem of sexual assault in the ranks, and failing to hold them accountable when, as scandal after scandal shows, sexual predators in the military continue to harass and assault with impunity.

Tanzania's president has pardoned a father and son who raped 10 primary schoolgirls, it has emerged.

John Magufuli sparked anger among children's rights activists after announcing the decision in his independence day speech on Saturday. 

Singer Nguza Viking, also known as Babu Seya, and his son Johnson Nguza, known as Papii Kocha, were sentenced to life in prison for raping 10 girls in 2003 aged between six and eight.

Tanzanian president PARDONS father and son who raped 10 primary schoolgirls Julian Robinson for MailOnline 11 December 2017

Cape Town - Randy Tango, the man who raped and strangled 11-year-old Stacha Arends, has been sentenced to three life terms in jail.
According to Netwerk24, Tango was sentenced to an additional 10 years for the rape of a minor.

Child rapist gets 3 life sentences 2017-12-11

Confessed killer Ryan Antonio Oneal Bullen has been sentenced to life in prison for the death in 2007 of 14-year-old Kalifa Downes.

Bullen pleaded guilty to manslaughter in February this year, ten years after the Lower Burney, St Michael teen had gone missing on April 18, 2007.
His plea came a little over three years after he was arrested and charged after admitting to police that he had raped the teen before fatally stabbing her.

The killer, who was diagnosed with “psychological and behavioural deficits,” has an extensive criminal record, including rape, theft, robbery, assault and criminal damage.

On 21 June 2016, 22-year old Sandiswa was found in a bush near Nyanga. She had been raped and repeatedly stabbed to death. The suspect: her ex-boyfriend, a notorious gangster previously convicted of murder.

With no formal investigation taking place and no feedback being given to Sandiswa’s family, Nhlanhla’s relentless determination saw the case being passed from one incompetent investigating officer to the next, bouncing between Nyanga and Gugulethu police stations.

Unfortunately, her story is like many others’ who live in unsafe and under-resourced communities, with little or no police action to solve violent crimes.

The Western Cape has been identified as one of the most unsafe provinces in South Africa. A third of the country’s murders have been reported at Western Cape police stations. During the 2016/17 year, murder increased by 2.7%, sexual assault increased by 6% and robbery with aggravating circumstances increased by 1.3%.

Nyanga specifically, is known as the murder capital of South Africa, with 281 murders being recorded in the year ending March 2017. Additionally, 356 cases of sexual offences and 1498 cases of robbery with aggravating circumstances were reported and recorded at Nyanga police station in the previous year alone.

In the fight for more police resources, Gugulethu takes back its streets 12 DECEMBER 2017 MARIKE KELLER

MSF Report: 11,000 Women In Rustenburg District Are Raped Every Year Post by Chika Udeh December 12, 2017

The 50-year-old mother and her 25-year-old daughter were tied up and raped while the boyfriend was forced to watch.
Armed with a knife, Thabiso Sibanyoni, 25, broke into their home in Mohlakeng on the West Rand in May 2016 where the three and a three-year-old child slept.
He demanded money, but was told by the boyfriend that he only had R47 and loose cigarettes in the house.
He then tied the women's hands behind their backs and took turns raping them.

Horror rapes break up family PERTUNIA MAFOKWANE 12 December 2017

18-year old arrested for raping a 90-year old woman 13 dicembre 2017

A 22-year-old lady, Ibukun (surname withheld), has recounted how she was ganged-raped by some hoodlums in the presence of policemen during the Lagos State Street Carnival.

Ibukun alleged that while the assault was going on, policemen who were close to the scene were watching her and refuse to protect her from being raped.

When Nigerian girls as young as 13 are not getting strapped with bombs by Boko Haram to carry out suicide bombings, they're getting raped by security officers in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. 

According to a recent report by the New York Times (NYT), it's a practice that continues with even more stories of woes told by helpless victims who are mostly widows and unaccompanied orphans. 

18-year-old Hadiza revealed that she'd been raped by a soldier after she was instructed to serve water to four security officers in their room. Three of the officers had left the room just in time for the last one to drag her into a separate room and rape her.

Girls as young as 13 still getting raped by security officers in camps Dec 12 2017 Samson Toromade

As woman after woman, young and old, narrate their stories of shame– of how they were raped, not once or twice but repeatedly by the Myanmar military – to the American news agency AP, the case becomes even more convincing for UN special representative of the Secretary General Pramila Patten to put the soldiers on dock at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, as she promised here in Dhaka during her visit last month.

Licence to rape Inam Ahmed and Shakhawat Liton December 13, 2017

The Genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya DECEMBER 4, 2016

Horrifying stories of gang rape, torture, murder from Rohingya migrants 24 NOVEMBRE 2016

A woman who was held captive and repeatedly raped by members of Al Shabaab is sharing the horrific details of daily sexual abuse and forced abortions endured by those who are kidnapped by the the radical Islamic terror group.
Kenya's The Standard reported on Sunday the story of one of the women who survived the ordeal at Boni Forest camp, identified as Fatuma, who said that she and others were raped by as many as six men at a time for five years.

In the 12 months leading up to Wednesday’s 80th anniversary of the start of the Nanking massacre, a researcher in the city discovered two previously unknown Chinese survivors of forced sexual slavery organised by the Japanese military.

“A Human Holocaust" The Nanjing Massacre 22 MARZO 2017

Liu Guangjian, from the Memorial Hall for Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, has been researching the “comfort women” issue for the two-year-old, government-run Comfort Women Museum in Nanjing.
He said there were only 15 Chinese survivors left, the last of the comfort women who had testified publicly in China. He visited seven in Hainan last year, but two had since died.
Liu said two new survivors had come forward in the past year to testify of their suffering in Japanese military brothels.

Lost Boys, Girl Soldiers: Forgotten Casualties of War NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Lawyers representing 10 Haitian women who say they had children with U.N. peacekeepers have filed the first legal actions in Haiti against the U.N. and individual peacekeepers for child support and paternity claims.
The lawsuits filed by the Haiti-based human rights group Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) are part of a legal battle by Haitian women to force peacekeepers who they say fathered their children to contribute to their upbringing.

BENGALURU: She can't move an inch because of injuries on her limbs and hips. Her right knee is swollen while the right hand has a fracture and has been operated upon.

Suma (name changed), 26, says the excruciating pain is bad but worse is the mental trauma of being raped by six men three weeks ago and fending for herself for over 36 hours before being rescued.

"Three men attacked me and hurled me at the wall like a ball. They hit my legs with stones even as they shot videos with their phones. I was crying in pain," says Suma, currently being treated at Bowring Hospital.

"Six men raped me repeatedly through the night. When they left me, I could not walk. With hardly any clothes on my body, I crawled to the main road the next morning and sat near the bus stop the whole day. No one approached me and I was too scared to speak to anyone," Suma told TOI .

They hurled me at wall like a ball: Bengaluru gang rape survivor Sunitha Rao RTNN | Dec 13, 2017

Cancer Survivor, 15, Tells How She Was Gang-Raped And Raped Again When She Begged For Help Himanshu Kapoor Dec 12, 2017

Raipur: Two constables suspended after woman alleges rape Dec 12, 2017 Ritesh Mishra Hindustan Times

Father John Shannon, who was subsequently caught on the mainland with pictures of children as young as nine, lived on the island off the Welsh coast for nine months. Photograph: Archant Cambs/Archant

A priest who was jailed for downloading hundreds of pictures of child sexual abuse is the latest offender to be identified as having close links with the monastic island of Caldey, which is at the centre of a growing scandal.

Priest jailed for child abuse images lived on scandal-hit Caldey Island Amanda Gearing and Steven Morris 12 December 2017

Paedo priest sexually abused children on Caldey Island for decades 18 NOVEMBRE 2017 

Former Preacher Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Dec 11, 2017 

3 Ohio pastors indicted on child sex trafficking onspiracy November 15, 2017 The Associated Press

Dennis Mischler, 65, a former New Orleans school teacher and Scout leader, was booked in May of 2014 in St. Tammany Parish on charges including child pornography and attempted simple rape of a juvenile.

Molestation, child porn trial of former New Orleans teacher, Boy Scout leader begins in St. Tammany NICK REIMANN THEADVOCATE.COM DEC 11, 2017  

According to newly released information, the Archdiocese of New York has resolved claims from 189 victims of clergy sexual abuse in the amount of $40 million.
The figure was contained in a report released Dec. 7 under the archdiocese’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program.

Jersey's Royal Court has heard the first day of evidence against a 78-year-old man accused of historical sexual offences.
Lester Charles Quenault is facing 27 charges, all involving two pre-teen girls in the 1970's.
Today the first of those girls, now an adult, gave her evidence.
She described the abuse as 'profilic', saying Quenault forced her to perform sexual acts on him over a number of years, including in a car where he would park in a quiet lane and then, after the abuse, just drive off, acting as if nothing had happened.
Twitter has been condemned for failing to act following the discovery of hundreds accounts which openly discuss the promotion and defending of paedophilia.
An investigation by the Sun found a disturbing number of accounts on the social network – many of which have a cartoon as their main profile photo – openly discussing their sexual attraction to children.
Paedophiles on Twitter are 'trying to reduce the stigma' of being sexually attracted to children  Ewan Palmer December 12, 2017

A university worker raped a student he met on dating app Tinder after boasting he was going to have sex with 100 women.
Duncan Burns, a liaison officer at Stirling University was supposed to help vulnerable students as an accommodation officer at the university.
The 24-year-old, of Birkhill in Angus, was jailed for five years at the High Court in Glasgow for raping his victim on March 23 last year.
University worker raped student after meeting on Tinder

STV Dec 12 2017

Girl, 13, testifies against man she says raped her DECEMBER 12, 2017

A Bakersfield bar owner was arrested last week and is facing child sex abuse charges.
Police arrested Frank Mark Sanchez, owner of the Green Room Bar, on Dec. 7. 
Sanchez is accused of four felonies, including sex abuse with a child, sex or sodomy with a child 10-years-old or younger, oral copulation or sexual penetration of a child 10 or younger, and lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14-years-old.

The owner of an Oxford taxi service was arrested after police said he sexually assaulted two students from Miami University in separate incidents.
Oxford Police said Sherman W. Jackson, II, owner and operator of Sherman’s Safe Ride Taxi Service was arrested after two female Miami University students made separate reports of sexual assaults.
Police: Oxford taxi owner sexually assaulted 2 Miami University students Sarah Brookbank, enquirer.com Dec. 11, 2017

Indian police are shown escorting former Uber taxi driver and rapist Shiv Kumar Yadav (center) following his court appearance in New Delhi on Dec. 8, 2014. Yadav’s victim, believed to be an Indian American residing in Texas, has won a second settlement against Uber, which allegedly illegally obtained her medical records. (Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images)

A woman identified only as Jane Doe, who was raped by an Uber driver in New Delhi in 2014, has settled a second lawsuit against the ride-sharing giant, claiming company officials illegally obtained her medical records and used them to discredit her.

The Uber driver, Shiv Kumar Yadav, is serving a life sentence for raping the woman – believed to be an Indian American now residing in Texas – on Dec. 5, 2014. As the criminal case unfolded, Yadav was found to have a history of sexual assault cases registered against him. In a previous lawsuit that was settled, the victim stated that Uber took inadequate steps to ensure the safety of their drivers.
Uber Settles Second Lawsuit With Woman Raped by Driver in India SUNITA SOHRABJI, Dec 12, 2017

New York Uber Driver Allegedly Exposed Himself To Passenger DORY JACKSON 12/12/17

Woman raped, knocked by Uber driver 2 dicembre 2017

Uber driver raped female passenger, sexually assaulted 14 other victims 21 agosto 2017

Uber driver raped intoxicated female passenger 19 agosto 2017

Uber driver jailed for raping drunk female passenger 17 agosto 2017

16-year-old girl raped by Uber driver 14 luglio 2017

Rapist Uber driver jailed 12 luglio 2017

Uber driver raped passenger 3 times, more possible victims 7 luglio 2017

SOUTH HACKENSACK — A teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting a female juvenile in October has resigned.
The South Hackensack school board approved the resignation of Phillip Cerone, 27, a teacher's aide in South Hackensack, on Monday. Cerone, a resident of Maywood, was arrested in October for sexually assaulting a female juvenile. 

South Hackensack teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting a child resigns Rodrigo Torrejon Dec. 11, 2017

Four girls between the age of 13 and 15 have reported being raped by a group based around a McDonald's in Stratford, triggering a crackdown that has so far identified at least 30 potential victims.
Detectives believe the number will grow as they appeal for others to come forward, after arresting three boys and three men in Stratford.
Police are already arresting around 420 men every month over child sexual exploitation across England and Wales, and the numbers continue to grow.
Young girls 'raped by grooming gang using Mcdonald's branch' 12th Dec 2017 Lizzie Dearden

A SEX beast who raped a girl as young as 10 has been caged for 11 years.

Owen Hollern, 70, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on Tuesday, December 12 where he was sentenced after being found guilty of a number of serious sexual assaults on children in the Dumbarton area.

Hollern was previously convicted at the High Court in Glasgow on Friday, November 3 for four serious sexual assaults that took place in the Dumbarton area from 1975 – when his two female victims were 10 and 14 years of age – until 1988.

A Bucks County handy-man accused of raping children over a nearly 30-year span will likely spend the rest of his life in prison after he pleaded guilty to what Bucks County authorities have called the worst case of pedophilia in the county.
The courtroom was packed with what prosecutors say was just a small sampling of the more than 5500 items found inside William Thomas’s home: sketches, photos, sex toys, and children’s underwear.
Bucks County Judge Wallace Bateman, JR called it a “House of Sexual Horrors” as he sentenced the 59-year-old Thomas to 60-120 years in prison.

A cold case review by three police forces has helped snare a rapist described as “one of the most dangerous sexual predators in the UK” for a crime committed more than 30 years ago.

Ian Harper violently raped a mother in her 30s after breaking into her home wearing a balaclava, demanding money and holding a screwdriver to her throat.

The 57-year-old carried out the 1985 attack while the woman was waiting for her children to return from school.

Harper, who is also known as Ian Harrison, was the first person charged under Operation Painter, which was set up last year to review unsolved sexual offences by forces in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire between 1974 and 1999.

Jayden Matthew Sterzer, 18, admitted in juvenile court Monday to intentionally and knowingly raping 12-year-old, Kailey Vijil. The admission was part of a plea deal.

ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — A notorious 37-year-old cold case is closed in Antioch.
Police say they’ve arrested a man who kidnapped, raped and murdered a 14-year-old girl.
Mitchell Bacom, 63, was arrested just before 5 p.m. on Monday.
Police say Bacom kidnapped Suzanne Bombardier back in 1980 while she was babysitting.
A fisherman discovered her body in the San Joaquin River days later. She had been stabbed once in the heart.
After decades with few leads, investigators reopened the case in 2015 using DNA evidence.

Man Arrested For 1980 Rape And Murder Of Teenage Girl In Antioch December 11, 2017

LOS ANGELES - December 12, 2017 - Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health industry watchdog, says that amidst the growing reports of sexual abuse and intimidation coming out of the entertainment industry, the systemic sexual abuse of patients within the mental health industry must be brought to the public's attention. According to CCHR, since allegations of sexual abuse by a prominent Hollywood film producer broke, more than 15 psychiatrists and psychologists that committed sexual violations of patients were convicted and jailed or had their licenses to practice suspended or revoked or had civil charges brought against them for sexual violations. CCHR urges all victims of sexual assault committed by mental health professionals to speak out.

Sexual Abuse in the Mental Health System is Pervasive, Watchdog Reports LOS ANGELES December 12, 2017 Newswire.com 

 is a common and far reaching problem in the Netherlands, according to an investigation by a committee 

Twelve percent of athletes experienced sexual transgressive behavior in their sports club as a child, Four percent faced sexual assault or rape, NOS reports.
The committee received 103 reports of sexual abuse in sports, and interviewed 30 victims. A number of experts also helped with the research. In three quarters of the cases, the victim was under the age of 16 when he or she was abused. In over 40 percent of the cases, a fellow athlete was named the perpetrator. 
Klaas de Vries and his committee investigated the nature and scope of sexual abuse in sports . The committee concludes that it is imperative that sports clubs quickly do much more to prevent incidents of sexual abuse. 


In three years, 5,500 sexual offences against pupils have been reported to police. Too often staff seem ill-equipped or unwilling to deal with the problem – now pressure is mounting for the government to take action

According to BBC research, 5,500 sexual offences were reported to police as having taken place in UK schools over a three-year period to July 2015, including 600 rapes. And a recent women and equalities select committee (WESC) report highlighted widespread sexual harassment and abuse of girls at school.

Are we ignoring an epidemic of sexual violence in schools? Laura Bates 12 December 2017

Dexter Schools wants counselor dismissed in handling of rape report Dec 12 2017

Hundreds of thousands of female pupils have suffered sexual harassment at school and the government is under mounting pressure to take action
Almost four in 10 female pupils have suffered sexual harassment at school, in some cases amounting to sexual assault, in an education system where sexism is “endemic” and misogynistic language routinely used, new research warns.
The study, commissioned by the NEU teaching union and UK Feminista, a gender equality campaign group, was done by the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick.
It reveals how 37 per cent of female secondary school pupils have suffered some form of sexual harassment at school. There are 1.4 million girls aged 11 to 15 in state-funded secondary schools in England.
The research, based on surveys with 1,508 secondary school pupils and 1,634 teachers at secondary and primary schools in England and Wales, shows that girls are six times more likely than boys to have been sexually harassed at school. Six per cent of boys report having experienced sexual harassment.

Primary school porn epidemic 9 agosto 2017

A Star investigation found that the province secretly settled 220 lawsuits launched by individual former training school residents over allegations of sexual, physical and psychological abuse at the schools.

A proposed class action lawsuit has been launched against the Ontario government alleging horrific sexual, physical and psychological abuse perpetrated on former students of the province’s “training schools” between 1931 and 1984.

“The repercussions (of training school) were unreal in my life,” said representative plaintiff Kirk Keeping, who was sent at age 15 to a training school in Bowmanville, where he says he was forced into sexual acts with male and female staff members and suffered frequent beatings.
The two years he spent in training school had a profound effect on his life, said Keeping, 64. “I just spiralled down for many years in my life. It was a roller-coaster ride trying to hold down jobs, trying to have a family and live normal. It was a hard thing.”
Training schools contained a toxic environment in which degrading and humiliating treatment of children in the Crown’s care was the norm, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse was rampant, and residents of training schools were systematically denied their dignity and basic human rights,” reads the claim, filed in court Friday, which lists 14 training institutions operated by the province. “Through the Crown’s systemic negligence and breach of fiduciary duty, this improper conduct continued for decades.”

Class action suit launched against Ontario over alleged abuse in ‘training schools’  Dec. 11, 2017

Hundreds of sex offenders are being released from jail despite posing a risk to the public due to “shocking” failings by a major prison, a damning report has revealed.
An inspection of HMP Dartmoor, which holds high-risk offenders, found that it was failing to protect the public because of “unplanned, rushed and poor” release planning, with many sex offenders subsequently leaving without having sufficiently addressed their behaviour.

Hundreds of sex offenders released from prison despite posing risk to public, finds report May Bulman Social Affairs Correspondent Dec 11 2017

Paedophiles are using cryptocurrencies to enable child trafficking and 'made to order' online child sex abuse, a Unicef report has found.
The new findings by the United Nations organisation for children found that around 71pc of young people are online compared to 48pc of the entire population.
One in every three people using the internet is a child.
However, Unicef said that "too little is done to protect them from the perils of the digital world and to increase their access to safe online content" in its flagship end-of-year report.
The organisation pointed to the increasing sale and supply of child pornography images as particularly worrying.
They indicated that criminals are now capable of purchasing explicit images such as these without being traced.
"Digital networks like the Dark Web and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are enabling the worst forms of exploitation and abuse, including trafficking and 'made to order' online child sexual abuse," the report said.

Cryptocurrencies being used for 'made to order' online child sex abuse, warns Unicef Ryan Nugent December 11 2017

A New Zealand police investigation led to the arrest of a couple in the Philippines after they were caught in the act of live-streaming the sexual abuse of their children.
Following the discovery of "disturbing content" on a Kiwi man's computer in September police here tipped off their counterparts in Iligan City who then organised a raid of the couple's home and caught them during a live-stream involving their children aged 4, 5 and 7.
The couple are now facing charges of human trafficking, child pornography, child abuse and cybercrime.
The raid and rescue of the children was down to the work of the specialist police team Oceanz - Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand.
Oceanz works to save children as part of a Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) focused on child exploitation.
Live-streaming of the sexual abuse of children was increasing at an alarming rate.

EXCLUSIVE: Kids saved from sex abuse livestream by Kiwi cops 12 Dec, 2017 Anna Leask senior police reporter for the New Zealand Herald

A PERVERTED American living in Kenilworth took part in an internet exchange in which he tried to encourage the sexual abuse of the other man’s young sister online.
Chase Heltzel also exchanged images of children being sexually abused, Warwick Crown Court has heard.
The 20 year-old of School Lane, at the time, pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange or facilitate the sexual abuse of a child, three charges of making indecent images of children, and one of distributing such images.
Vile teacher found with hundreds of 'disgusting' pictures of children aged as young as three Robbie Gordon 12 DEC 2017

As so many previously unreported cases of sexual abuse have been brought to light, no one can plead ignorance any longer. 
Sexual predatory behavior against both children and adults knows no boundaries. 
It is not just Hollywood or the church, Republicans or Democrats, rich or poor. Sexual misconduct permeates every fiber of society.
Disclosure is an important and vital step, but it's not enough. 
There must be fundamental legal change for this to stop. 
As we consider how to address a spectrum of predatory sexual behavior, raising restrictive statutes of limitations, especially for child sexual abuse crimes, is a good place to start.
Statutes of limitations for these crimes favor predators and hinder justice. Trauma, shame, humiliation, and threats often box in victims while perpetrators bank on these barriers to get away with no consequences. 
Despite a growing movement to eliminate overly restrictive statutes of limitations, our child sexual abuse laws remain among the worst in the country — tied with those in Roy Moore's Alabama. It is past time for New York to pass the Child Victims Act.
Statute of limitations reform is the most efficient way to level the playing field between the victims and their aggressors, as well as the institutions and organizations that enabled this abuse. Too often, victims of sexual abuse are dogged by short civil and criminal restraints that make it more likely aggressors will remain anonymous and avoid accountability.
In New York, victims of most child sexual abuse crimes only have until their 23rd birthday to bring about civil and criminal claims, even though it often takes victims decades to grapple with traumatizing abuse. 
Once statutes of limitations expire, it is legally hazardous for victims to come forward, as perpetrators can sue for defamation. 
As a result, there is an untold number of child sexual predators hidden in every community across the state, who have never faced justice and continue to pose a threat to children every day. 
The Child Victims Act substantially raises statutes of limitations for both criminal and civil claims and creates a one year "window," for all victims to finally get their day in court.

For far too long, the political climate has given lawmakers and elected officials a pass for looking the other way when it comes to these sexual predators. That time is over.
The hour of empowered survivors is here, and we must make clear to lawmakers, from Suffolk County to Buffalo, that their complicit silence will not be tolerated. Leaders in the New York State Senate, who continue to block this common-sense legislation and refuse to even hold a vote, will have to explain why they continue to protect hidden predators over children and families in their own communities.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who introduced a version of the Child Victims Act late last session, made clear that this bill is a priority for him. We urge him to include the bill in his executive budget and intend to make sure the Senate leadership does not try and block those efforts.

Our culture has enabled pathways to secrecy that benefit predators. It's time to bring these predators into the sunlight. Otherwise, the courage of victims who come forward will be for naught and predators will remain free to destroy more lives.

Legal change needed to stop sexual predatory behavior Marci A. Hamilton, Commentary December 12, 2017

Corey Feldman, star of many of America’s most iconic movies and heroic survivor of childhood neglect and sexual abuse, announced jointly with CHILD USA that he will serve as National Ambassador for CHILD USA, one of the nation’s leading non-profits dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse and neglect

Feldman will work with CHILD USA to raise awareness nationwide regarding current state statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes that protect predators and prevent justice, and will support the organization’s efforts in New York to pass the Child Victims Act.

As part of the effort, Feldman has donated to CHILD USA to support its work to end the statutes of limitations for child sex abuse nationwide

Feldman will also be donating to CHILD USA from his GoFundMe campaign to give back to those who are still suffering

A founding member of New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators, CHILD USA is currently working on a campaign to pass the Child Victims Act in New York State, seeking to include the measure in the New York State budget and pressure the State Senate to support its passage. New York has among the worst laws for victims of sexual abuse in the nation.

“I am beyond honored to lend my voice to an organization that is so closely aligned with my cause,” said Corey Feldman. “Marci has been a strong voice and leading advocate for change even longer than I have and I have spent most of my life working towards this change. I know that by joining forces, we can and will accomplish endless victories in the name of innocence lost. It is my pleasure to donate both financially as well as my time and efforts in order to do whatever it takes to stop the abuse and preserve innocence!”

Corey was failed by the justice system, but he is helping change the world through the courage to tell his story,” said Marci Hamilton, founder and CEO of CHILD USA. 

Corey has inspired and comforted countless survivors of sexual abuse, and now will be using his megaphone to change child sexual abuse laws state-by-state. CHILD USA could not be prouder to name Corey as our national ambassador, and we look forward to working together to hold sexual predators accountable for their crimes.”

As a victim of multiple instances of abuse, Corey Feldman has been speaking out on this topic for years. From his book “Coreyography,” to his brave and candid interviews with national media outlets, Corey has served as both a face and a voice of this cause. He has worked with various organizations over the years and launched his Truth Campaign in an effort to finally get justice and show the world firsthand the horrors that he and so many others have endured.

In New York State, most victims are barred from filing criminal and civil claims once they turn 23 years old, even though research shows it takes most victims decades to report childhood abuse. CHILD USA’s advocate coalition, New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators, is turning up the heat on the New York’s governor and vulnerable state senators to support passing the Child Victims Act in 2018.

Feldman will be campaigning with CHILD USA in New York State in the coming months.

To learn more about Corey’s Truth Campaign: Secured, visit here.

About Child USA
CHILD USA identifies the laws and policies that harm our children and then conducts relevant evidence-based legal, medical, and social science research. With these facts, CHILD USA shines a light on the better pathways to truly protect all children from abuse and neglect. Our research is the nation’s leading resource for statutes of limitations for childhood abuse and neglect crimes in all fifty states. CHILD USA draws on the combined expertise of the nation’s leading medical and legal academics to reach evidence-based solutions to persistent and widespread child abuse and neglect. Visit www.childusa.org for more information.

Pop Culture Icon Corey Feldman To Serve As CHILD USA Ambassador for Justice 12 December 2017

Digital Nightmare: Young Children Sex Groomed Online #WhoIsSam 6 dicembre 2017

Paedo pastor sexually assaulted 4 children for years 11 DICEMBRE 2017

Pedofilo seriale brasiliano condannato per abuso di minori 8 DICEMBRE 2017

11,000 rapes a year 12 dicembre 2017

20-year-old raped his 6-year-old niece 12 dicembre 2017

4-year-old girl raped by her grandfather 12 dicembre 2017

Mother of six raped and killed 12 dicembre 2017

18-year old girl raped, filmed, blackmailed, killed her sister 11 dicembre 2017

30-year-old woman drugged, raped, filmed by a truck driver 11 dicembre 2017

20-year-old filmed, raped by her karate coach 11 dicembre 2017

8-year-old girl abducted, raped by 55-year-old tradesman 11 dicembre 2017

6-year-old girl raped by family friend 11 dicembre 2017

3-year-old raped by parents, video uploaded for sale 11 dicembre 2017

5-year-old boy sexually abused at school 11 dicembre 2017

Minor girl gang-raped then sexually assaulted by her neighbour 10 dicembre 2017

One-year-old girl raped, abandoned 10 dicembre 2017

2 minor girls raped by father, molested by grandfather 10 dicembre 2017

57-year-old man rapes teen, send video to friends 10 dicembre 2017

5-year-old girl raped by a 12-year-old 10 dicembre 2017

6-year-old girl brutally killed after sexual abuse 10 dicembre 2017

12-year-old girl raped by her uncle 10 dicembre 2017

5-year-old girl raped found unconscious in a field 10 dicembre 2017

Accused of rape-murder of 7-year-old child arrested again 9 dicembre 2017

2-year-old raped by her 7-year-old uncle 9 dicembre 2017

15-year-old student raped by four 9 dicembre 2017

5-year-old girl died after being raped, strangled 9 dicembre 2017

3-year-old Mariah Woods was raped, killed by mom’s boyfriend 9 dicembre 2017

3-year-old Mariah Woods was raped, killed by mom’s boyfriend 9 dicembre 2017

14-year-old girl raped and murdered 9 dicembre 2017

3-year-old girl raped by 25 year old neighbour 9 dicembre 2017

17-year-old girl gang-raped by boyfriend, others 4 8 dicembre 2017

16-year-old girl raped by teacher at school hostel 8 dicembre 2017

15-year-old girl hospitalised after gang-raped by 2 men 8 dicembre 2017

18-Year-Old Arrested In Rape Of 85-Year-Old Woman 8 dicembre 2017

Minor girl raped by 2 men, set on fire: critical 8 dicembre 2017

6-year-old girl kidnapped, raped, brutally murdered 8 dicembre 2017

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